Rye Talks to the World making time to travel at Kitsilano beach
We got it all wrong – our concept of travel being a far-fetched luxury. Travel is not exclusive to going to foreign countries or far-flung places. It does not belong to our man-made ideas of what is exotic. It does not respect these imaginary borders we humans have built and continue to build. No wonder
Rye Talks to the World look what you made me do taylor swift and my us visa application
Note: I’m a Filipino citizen who’s currently on long-term travel, and I applied for my B1/B2 US visa here in Vancouver, Canada.  My Canadian hosts surprised me with a ticket to a Taylor Swift concert in Seattle, but it turned out they were more surprised when they found out I didn’t have a US visa. (gasp) Imagine it’s your
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Rye Talks to the World first impressions city vancouver
All my Canadian friends claimed that it always rained in Vancouver. They said it was more aptly known as Raincouver. I didn’t believe them. After enduring the long, harsh winters of Manitoba, the last thing I wanted was cold rain. It was mostly sunny when I got here so, with slight arrogance, I imagined telling
Rye Talks to the World skiing in a small Canadian town
We’ve all been there. We were told to live a life with no regrets. We routinely pathologize it as whiny or non-utilitarian. But in the unlikeliest of places, in a tiny Canadian town called Russell, I found out the importance of regret. The popular culture of self-help literature that our modern generation shoves in our face
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Rye Talks to the World with fellow Workaway volunteers in Hanoi, Vietnam
This is the continuation of the ‘meeting a stranger on Instagram’ story. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you head over to this link. It’s not mandatory that you read it before this post, but it can give you loads of entertainment and suspense. 😀 I went to Vietnam to volunteer as an English
Rye Talks to the World How to maximize learning while traveling
It’s that time of the year again when we make New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I don’t believe in making one. I don’t wait for the New Year before I set goals for myself. When I accomplish a major goal, I rest a bit and start planning for my next move anytime of the year. As
Rye and Mechelle meeting as strangers on Instagram and saw each other in Hanoi, Vietnam
Before you even continue reading, I would like to clarify that this is not a romantic love story. Rather, it’s a recount of friendship, of taking chances, and of believing in the magic of possibilities. I could even aptly title it “Rye’s Misadventures After Trusting a Stranger He Met on Instagram”. I was browsing through Trisha Velarmino’s
Traveling slowly at Doi Suthep to avoid getting templed out in Chiang Mai, Thailand
I arrived in Thailand on July 12 of this year. It would be my first destination as a long-term traveler since I left Manila, though it wasn’t my first visit. I traveled around Bangkok and Ayutthaya for two weeks back in 2013. This time around, I went to Chiang Mai. Located in the northwestern corner of