Hello, I’m Rye!
I quit my old life and left Manila to explore the world, learn languages, and lead a life that honors my soul. My travels are a response to this nostalgia for intentionality and purposefulness. Through the challenges posed by travel, I learned that not money but fear of the unknown is our biggest obstacle to starting a journey and setting sail. Yes, travel requires some money, but courage and imagination reign more strongly. Being away from home sucks sometimes, but it has allowed me to experience a personal renaissance, a maneuvering of my life’s wheels. Travel may not be man’s greatest panacea, but it does show us new perspectives of beauty, of diversity, of kindness, of life, and of love. In this journey, I wish to maximize my potentials and, as I write, I hope to invade your busyness with glimpses of inspiration.


Travel is an exercise in self-discovery and reinvention, in autonomy and creativity, and in pursuit of excellence in life. I may not be rich in money, but my life overflows with meaningful experiences that shape my non-conformist values. I travel to explore the world outside my comfort zone that's teeming with color, with music, with mountains, and with marvelous people.


As of this writing, I speak four languages fluently namely, English, Filipino, Spanish, and Japanese. My penchant for writing, singing, reading, and listening to people's stories has pushed me to become an autodidact polyglot who learns languages independent of formal classes. I'm currently learning Korean through books, podcasts, music, and conversations with native speakers.


My life is a reflection of boundless curiosity and imagination. When I'm not traveling or learning languages, I'm expanding my culinary skills with the help of my spice rack, tinkering with my camera to advance my photography, writing poems in coffee shops, reading books voraciously, or lifting weights as I watch the falling snow through my bedroom window.


I travel because I believe that we are the stories that we hear, tell, and live. To create a beautiful story, we need characters, we need people. Technology may have created a seemingly smaller world but, unless other people's lives become part of our own narrative, our lives will remain disconnected. I travel to find meaning in human encounters, to set a story in different parts of the world, to transform and be transformed.


Let's make our next best project together!

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